Physician Coaching Services

If you’re a physician, you likely were drawn to your field because of some sense of purpose.  For many it’s about helping people, particularly those who are sick and in need. 

For others it may be about health and wellness, doing what can be done to be as physically and mentally well as possible.  Or it may be about the mastery of a particular craft, be it surgical technique, palliative care symptom relief, diagnostic acumen, etc.

Regardless of what drew you to your healthcare role you may be experiencing things in your career for which coaching could be a terrific support.  Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

You’ve been in your role for a while and have been successful enough that you’ve been asked to take on new responsibilities. These may include managing other individuals and leading new initiatives.

You’re excited about this opportunity, and you’re a bit anxious about how you’re going to be in this newly expanded role.  You know you were terrific in your former role and you want to be even more successful in this new chapter of your professional life.

You feel yourself at a fork in the road with career options available to you. Should you stay put or should you try for something new? You’ve got a vision of something you’d like to create – a quality improvement initiative, a program to enhance the health of a population, a way for physicians to work more collaboratively with other disciplines, etc. You’d like some help in figuring out what makes sense for you, now.

Each day as you get ready for work you find yourself a bit less excited about the day ahead. You are working in an environment that is changing, and some of the things that attracted you to your job are no longer there or have been modified in a way that you find it hard to get the same joy out of doing those things as you once did.

In addition, you and everyone around you are being asked to do more with less.  You’d like to get back in touch with that sense of a calling that led to you being in this job in the first place.

You see more and more of your colleagues experiencing the signs of burnout reflected in the scenario above. While you so far have shown no signs of this (to your knowledge), you’d like to be proactive and take whatever steps you can to strengthen your resilience “muscles” so that, if and when circumstances change, you’ll be able to continue to thrive.

If any of these feel resonant to you, working with a coach could be a transformative experience, and I would love to be that coach!  Click here to set up a free sample coaching session – let’s find out if I’m a great fit for you.

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