Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching for Physicians

Train your brain to face new challenges. And turn the vision you have for change into the outcomes you desire.

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Have a vision you’d like to turn into a reality?

Have a vision you’d like to turn into a reality?

Have a vision you’d like to turn into a reality?

For much of my career, I was a practicing physician like you. That’s why I know that as a busy physician, your daily activities include:

  • Providing the best care to your patients
  • Documenting your decision-making and treatment plans
  • Building strong relationships with patients, their families, colleagues, and staff
  • Keeping up with the ever-expanding medical literature
  • And trying to have a fulfilling life outside of work as well

But lately, there’s something that has been calling to you…

Maybe you just became aware of it. You had a unique experience, be that a troubling one, or a rewarding one, that made you change your point of view. And now, you want to do something different with your life, even if it pulls you away from some of your current clinical responsibilities.

Is This You?

You feel a pull towards changing something for the better, whether that be for your patients, your career, your community, or your profession. But there are real and self-imposed barriers in the way, including:


You feel like time is a scarce resource and there’s not enough of it to create and pursue the change you want


You want to be able to change something for the better and to be the best version of yourself. But sometimes “what if I fail?” gets in the way


You have a vision and desire change, but have no one to guide you, support you or help you ‌build a team


Having the vision is one thing, but a successful initial launch is different


Your current clinical role isn’t as fulfilling as it once was

You realize it would be great to have someone by your side as you begin to make this vision a reality

You realize it would be great to have someone by your side as you begin to make this vision a reality

But you don’t want just anyone.

You want to work with someone who has walked the same path as you. Someone who can relate to you professionally. And who can help you find your way forward.

And that’s where I come in…


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Hi, I’m Jeff!

A Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach for physicians like you…

…and a retired physician as well.

For 35+ years and in many leadership roles as an expert physician, my work has always been about helping people. Helping them face life challenges and work to achieve the outcomes that are most important to them.

My goal is to help YOU, a physician with a vision for change, achieve the outcomes you desire. That’s why I’m a Mental Fitness coach:

  • To help you respond to life challenges with a positive mindset
  • To work at your professional peak
  • To build healthy and supportive relationships
  • And to achieve your desired outcomes while feeling happy and fulfilled

Clinical practice, leadership roles, nonprofits? I’ve done it all. See what we have in common!

How Does Mental Fitness Help Me?

You seek a change for the better. But with change often comes challenges. Sometimes, its difficult to respond to them the way you want.

You seek a change for
the better. But with change often comes challenges. Sometimes, its difficult to respond to them the way you want.

But with change often come challenges. Sometimes it’s difficult to respond to them the way you want.

When facing a challenge, most of us have brains that are wired to respond using negative emotions, like anger, fear, and guilt. While these emotions may seem to be appropriate at the moment, they actually get in the way of us achieving the outcomes we’re striving for.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way for you!

Mental Fitness is an operating system in which you train your brain to face challenges with a positive mindset, feeling confident YOU made a choice reflecting who you are and how you want to live your life. Your brain is like an amazing muscle, constantly evolving and laying down new neural pathways.

Mental Fitness stimulates the growth of new neuronal paths into the positive emotional centers of your brain, helping you:

BROADEN your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

USE POSITIVE EMOTIONS, like empathy, creativity, and curiosity to see your challenges not as problems but as gifts and opportunities

IMPROVE your performance so you’ll be at your peak with a feeling of ease and flow

Why Work With Me?

I’m NOT a therapist. And I’m not here to tell you there’s something wrong with you.

On the contrary.

I’m a life coach that specializes in leadership and mental fitness for physicians like YOU. You already have everything you need to be successful. I will support you as you take concrete steps toward your goals.

Along the way, I will help you:
  • Tackle the task or challenge in front of you and discover the best way to solve it effectively. We’ll figure out a way to get this new work done while leaving you time to spend with your patients, your family, and friends.
  • Develop the skills you need to keep making progress towards your goal. Bumps in the road are to be expected and won’t stop you. Whatever challenge you face will be an opportunity to learn and adapt.
  • You won’t avoid uncertainty, you’ll thrive in uncertainty. People will look to you for leadership in those most challenging times when there is no preformed solution and the only way forward is to learn as you go.
  • Work with you, not only from the perspective of a life coach but also from the perspective of a physician with many years of experience.

You’ll transform by…

You’ll transform by…

Strengthening Your Brain Muscles With Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset. You’ve already developed certain “mental muscles” to become a physician. And I’ll bet you often feel immersed in negative emotions like anger, guilt, disappointment, and regret.

Mental fitness helps you move past those negative emotions. Build stronger relationships, tap into your creativity, curiosity, and empathy. So you can live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

I will help you to become more mentally fit and use those newly stronger mental muscles on your vision.

Learning How to Make Smart Decisions in a Leadership Role

There’s a growing need for more physician leaders. The vision you have for change needs a leader. A leader that can describe this vision in a way that engages others and offers an invitation to join.

You’ll have to carry that inviting mindset into the work you do with others. So, that everyone feels they’re truly contributing. And you’ll want to discover solutions, some of which might already exist “hiding in plain sight”.

I will help you become a leader that attracts a committed group to work with you on your compelling vision.

Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty

Some of the challenges you’re facing can make you feel uncertain, without a clear path forward. For many, that can generate:

  • Anxiety to the point of making them decide to leave this vision for change behind.
  • Act confidently, as if they know the solution, even though there are diverse perspectives. And no good evidence for their solution

In these situations, the best way forward is to bring diverse perspectives together. Creating conditions for innovation, testing new concepts in real-world environments, learning what’s working and what isn’t, and building from there.

I will help you create a diverse network of people working and learning together. Capable of navigating the shifting environment physicians face daily.

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Is This For You?

I work with physicians that seek transformative change. Physicians that feel the need to grow, create, and are willing to take action.

I want you to succeed, reach your goals, and be an agent of change.


I’m not going to get you the life you want. YOU are going to, with me as a facilitator.

I’ll initially work as your Mental Fitness coach/personal trainer as you strengthen your “mental muscles” to create a strong foundation.

I’ll then support you as your coach while you face challenges and turn your vision into a reality.

So, if you’re ready to train your brain and change your mindset. These coaching sessions are for you.

If you’re a physician who wants to stay in your lane but wants a coach, this probably isn’t for you.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit!